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Ozone Generator VS Wellis Air

Ozone Generator VS Wellis Air Ozone generators have been in use for a long time to get rid of germs and undesirable odors in hotels and houses. However, ozone generators give side effects on human bodies and household products whereas…

Wellis eliminates toxins and bad odors

Wellis Air eliminates toxins and bad odors. Wellis Air eliminates toxins and bad odors. The dangers of air are not only from car exhaust fumes, soot from burning grass, chemical gases from various manufacturing plants but from some toxins floating…

Wellis is a ‘natural detergent’ of the sun

Hydroxyl Ions, natural detergent produced by natural process The video shows a model of air disinfection and toxin removal by hydroxyl ions (OH-). Hydroxyl extracts hydrogen particles from proteins that envelop the germ’s outer tissue, giving out water into the…

Wellis outperforms other disinfection methods

Wellis Air, safe, convenient to use outperforms other disinfection methods in the market This video explains the disinfection principle and the features of  Wellis Air. Wellis kills germs by discharging hydroxyl ions (OH-) It uses the principle of discharging hydroxyl…