Ozone Generator VS Wellis Air

Ozone generators have been in use for a long time to get rid of germs and undesirable odors in hotels and houses. However, ozone generators give side effects on human bodies and household products whereas Wellis Air is the disinfection technology for the air and object surfaces that is a lot safer. How it works is to ionize hydroxyls to disintegrate germ and chemical molecules and leave no harmful residues for living things and objects.


What is ozone?

  • Ozone is a chemical that comprises 3 oxygen atoms in 1 molecule and is mainly found as gas in the atmosphere above 20 kilometers from the ground. 

  • Ozone acts as a UV filter of the sun ray, controlling the proper amount of it to reach the world. 

  • Ozone is able to get rid of bacteria and viruses, depending on the intensity of the chemical. If there is too much ozone, the disinfection performance is high. However, it will harm human’s respiratory system and household objects such as broken leather sofa.


Ozone generators are difficult to use, and humans may suffer from them.

  • The safe use of ozone generators requires disinfection service provider specialists (additional costs required) because an underuse of ozone can not effectively kill germs or an overuse of ozone can harm human bodies.

  • During the use of an ozone generator in a room, people are prohibited to stay inside. After the use of it, it is important to ventilate the air of the room before allowing people to come in because the leftover of ozone may bring about the following conditions: harmed lung, especially that of a growing young kid, harmed fetus, lowered immunity, a trigger of asthma and heart disease, lowered breath, including increasing liquid volume in the lung that causes a breathing difficulty, damage to reproductive system and genetics
  • Besides health issues, ozone has erosive effects on plastic materials and colors of object surfaces.

Ozone generators have not yet been certified as a COVID-19 killer.


Nowadays, there are still no research papers that certify the disinfection efficiency of the COVID-19 virus of any ozone generator.


The picture shows the warning document from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating that the use of UV and ozone generators lead to harm to humans and the environment. The document also confirms that there still is no any research paper supporting the fact that COVID-19 virus can be gotten rid of by ozone generators. Click to read the full document here>

What is Hydroxyl?



    • Hydroxyl is a combination of 1 molecule of oxygen (O1) and 1 molecule of hydrogen (H1) in the plasma form, turning to OH- and commonly found in the atmosphere and jungles.

    • Nature uses hydroxyls to get rid of germs and harmful chemicals such as greenhouse gases (methane CH4) and other toxic gases such as Nitrous Oxide (NOx). With this ability, Hydroxyle is nicknamed as “Natural Detergent” of the sun.

    • Hydroxyls outperform ozone in disinfection.


The picture shows a comparative table of the performance of different disinfectants. Hydroxyls comes the 2nd place most powerful substance to kill germs, which outperforms ozone that comes in the 4th, according to the research center, Alidade M.E.R from the US.


Wellis Air can kill germs throughout 24 hours and
when people gather. 

  • Wellis Air uses an extract of Californian organic orange peels to produce hydroxyls, which are the same thing the nature uses to kill germs in the atmosphere. Therefore, Wellis Air is safe for living things and the environment.

  • Hydroxyls will deprive hydrogen molecules of the protein that envelops the outer layer of a virus, giving water back to the atmosphere.

The video illustrates a simulation of how germs and chemicals are gotten rid of by nature.


  • Many institutes such as University of Barcelona from Spain, KCL (Korea conformity Laboratories) from Korea, Institute of Science and Food Technology of Bangladesh etc. have certified that Wellis Air can completely kill germs, fungi, and other bacteria.

The picture shows a list of viruses, fungi, and bacteria Wellis Air can get rid of such as COVID-19 virus, RSV, Rotavirus
and the virus that causes Hand Foot Mouth disease.

  • Wellis Air ionizes hydroxyls throughout 24 hours and when people gather, which is aligned with the most efficient disinfection principle ‘2C’: Concentrated (enough to kill a specific germ) and Continuous (continuously kill germs)


Wellis Air is safe for human

  • There are many institutes certifying the safety of the Olefin cartridges used to produce hydroxyls and the machine such as US FDA (Food and Drug Association of US), CE Certificate, and RoHS.  Click to read the full report> 

  • Over 100 medical institutes in Thailand are using Wellis Air such as newborn care rooms, operation rooms, ICU rooms, examination rooms, etc. Click to see more places that are using Wellis Air>

The picture shows that Wellis Air is used in a newborn care room.



The picture shows that Wellis Air is used in a classroom with many students.



The picture shows that Wellis Air is used in a patient ward.


  • Wellis Air is certified by KSD from Korea that it does not harm the environment, which passes the standards by the Ministry of Environment of Korea.

The picture shows the certificate from KSD Laboratory, Korea, confirming that Wellis Air does not harm the environment, which passes the standards under the Ministry of Environment, Korea.

Wellis Air can truly kill the COVID-19 virus

  • The research from MRI Global Laboratory, which is a well-known US organization for health, safety, and hygiene, confirms the disinfection efficiency of the COVID-19 virus at 91.75% after having Wellis Air turned on for 2 hours. Click to read the full research paper >
The picture shows the disinfection efficiency of the COVID-19 virus by Wellis Air.  Wellis Air can kill more than 91.75% of the
COVID-19 virus after having Wellis Air turned on for 2 hours.

Therefore, we should choose the best disinfection method that comprises a thorough elimination of all types of germs and no harm against users and their items. Wellis Air is highly recommended to disinfect the air and object surfaces as it is certified for its high disinfection efficiency and safety from world-class institutes.
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