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Q: Can Wellis Air sterilize surfaces and air?

A: Yes

Wellis Air is a disinfection technology that releases plasma charges called “hydroxyl (OH-)” to break down the outer layer of pathogens floating in the air and on surfaces. Things such as furniture, walls, sofas, clothes, documents, etc., do not leave any residue and are safe for babies, young children, the elderly, and pets. (Click to read more about hydroxyl>)

Simply put, Wellis Air is like an air purifier, but without a filter. Therefore, no germs are stored in the machine, reducing the risk of spreading germs. You do not have to worry about changing the filter, which is another high risk of infection when bringing it out to trash.

At present, many hospitals are choosing Wellis Air for disinfection, such as at newborn rooms, at the operating rooms, the ICU rooms, where the utmost cleanliness is needed, including baby care clinics, young kid’s schools. (Click to see reviews>)

Q: How many square meters does a Wellis Air Cover?

A: 50-100 square meters with the following conditions.

The area coverage depends on the number of people in the room and the frequency of people entering and leaving that place.

  • If there are 4-8 people in the room and/or people frequently in and out of the place such as offices, shops, restaurants/cafes, hospitals, classrooms, beauty salons, fitness centers, this is classified as a high risk of transmission. We recommend using 1 Wellis Air to cover an area of ​​50 square meters.
  • If there are 1-3 people in the room and/or people infrequently are in and out of place, such as houses, condos, apartments, hotel rooms, etc., it is considered a moderate risk of transmission. We recommend using 1 Wellis Air to cover 100 square meters with a few obstructions.

Q: Do I need to change the filter?

A: No need to change it because Wellis Air does not have one.

Wellis Air combines the features of the air purifier’s multi-layer air filter in the form of one Olefin cartridge, which kills germs more efficiently and is more convenient to use.

  • Wellis Air disinfects a place by releasing hydroxyl ions to break down the outer membranes of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and toxins in the air and on surfaces, while an air filter can eliminate germs only in the air.
  • A single Wellis Air Olefin cartridge is as effective as a combination of multiple filters of an air filter. The cost of using Wellis Air, which includes the electricity and is activated for 24 hours a day,  and an Olefin cartridge, is only about 0.5 baht per hour approximately.
  • People are prone to infection when they change the air purifier filter because the bacteria that are trapped there may spread out. (The filter acts like a “Virus Trap”, where it is not killed. Therefore, an air purifier is a sort of like “Infectious waste”).
  • People are at risk of getting infected easily if they sit near where an air purifier sucks air into the machine to clean the air.
  • Wellis Air is more convenient and safer to maintain; just remove the old cartridge,  insert the new one and press the turn-on button. However, when using an air filter, be careful when replacing the filter because there is a risk of germ spreading.
Q: Why is Wellis Air so small?
A: Because of the hydroxyl ionizer in sterilization. It doesn’t require a large mechanism to suck air into the machine to filter it like an air purifier.

The smallness of the Wellis Air is considered a strength because

  1. Small size, slightly larger than A4 paper (single size), so it won’t clutter up on a desk or wall.
  2. It is lightweight, making it easy to move, such as being able to carry it to the hotel room when traveling.
  3. Save energy so you don’t waste money in your pocket.
  4. Quiet sound does not disturb you when you work or sleep.

All of which do not affect the efficiency of eliminating the infection in any way because

  1. Wellis Air uses the principle of ionizing hydroxyl plasma. There is no need for a large mechanism or engine to blow the charges because the charges are easily diffused and can fly more than 100 square meters just by using a small built-in fan only. Therefore, the size of the device does not have to be large. Compared to air purifiers that are used in the areas of the same size, the unit is much larger as it requires a large air intake and pushes it through the filter to clean it.
  2. The hydroxyl ions produced by Wellis Air are superior to ozone and hydrogen peroxide, a disinfectant used in operating rooms, and are safer for users than other options because they can disinfect the room when people are together which is when the infection spreads easily. As the same charge that nature creates to disinfect the air, they also are harmless to users as they leave no toxic residues that would endanger living things.
Q: Does the machine spray the liquid out?
A: No. It discharges hydroxyl ions to kill germs and chemicals in the air, and on the surfaces of objects.

The Olexin cartridge is extracted from California organic citrus peels, the main material for hydroxyl production, which is safe for living things and the environment (Quality and safety certified by the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA and other international organizations. Click to view the certificate>). The hydroxyl ions are colorless, odorless, and have no smoke. The machine gives out a smell of a little orange like a feeling of aromatherapeutic relaxation.

The picture shows an olefin oil cartridge used in the production of hydroxyl ions of Wellis Air


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Q: Can Wellis Air be used with an air purifier?
A: They can be used together.

If used with an air purifier, Wellis Air can optimize the air cleaning efficiency because the air purifier will help eliminate dust in the air, while Wellis Air will help eliminate viruses, molds, and toxins in the air and on the surfaces of objects such as furniture, sofas, skin, clothes, documents, etc., making the air in the room cleaner and more sterile.

In addition, an air purifier and Wellis Air can be activated at the same time by placing them apart in the opposite direction to prevent the air purifier from absorbing the hydroxyl ions into the machine.

The principle of placing the Wellis Air is to place it in the middle of the room so that the charges will be distributed evenly throughout the room. But there is a caution as follows;

  • Placed in a well-ventilated place throughout the room. It should be placed at the table level, not under the table.
  • Can be used together with various air extractors such as exhaust fans, and air purifiers (but, please take the placement of the machine into account.)
  • Do not place it where it falls easily, such as on the ground, near where children run or kick because it will cause the machine to break and liquid spill in the machine.
  • Do not place it near the window or the door left open because the charges will float out of the room, but can be placed opposite or far away.
Q: Do I have to turn on the air conditioner while using Wellis Air?
A: The air conditioner or a fan can be turned on while using Wellis Air. It is also alright to not turn them on.

But, the key point is that Wellis Air will have the better disinfection efficiency if used in a closed room, and should be turned on 24 hours a day and when people are together to prevent the spread of infection and to eliminate the infection at all times.

Q: Can I open the window while using Wellis Air?
A: Yes, you can.

It is recommended to place it away from open windows or doors, by placing the device in a position where the charges will flow through the room before flowing out and should be turned on 24 hours a day and when people are together to prevent the spread of germs and disinfection at all times.

Q: Can Wellis Air be turned off?
A: Wellis Air can be turned off, but it is recommended not to turn it off because
  • The machine does not consume electricity as the electricity bill shows only approximately 15 baht per month in the case of 24/7 use (or about 0.5 baht per hour only).

  • The machine has been certified by European Union standards and Safety, CE Certificate and the Safety of Hazardous Substances in Electrical Appliances, RoHS, which is the same standards as electrical appliances of different brands.

The image shows the CE Certificate and RoHS logo.

  • We don’t know when pathogens will enter the area and whether they are killed dead or not. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the machine on for 24-hour protection.

  • The highlight of  Wellis Air is that it is designed to automatically kill germs 24 hours a day, compared to other disinfection methods (such as hydrogen peroxide) that can’t disinfect the area where humans are.

  • When the machine is off, germs have the potential to grow again and transmit. To explain, if the last person leaving the office sneezes into the air in a Wellis Air-powered-off room and shuts down the office overnight, germs will spread back in the office, making those who continue to use the room the next day have the chance to be infected.

    However, if it is necessary to turn off the machine for more than 8 hours, such as moving to another place such as a hotel, remove the cartridge from the machine and close the lid. Keep it cool and away from sunlight and heat.


Q: Can it be carried out to use at other places? 
A: Wellis Air can be carried while traveling, such as disinfecting the hotel room, installing it in the car, etc.

With a light weight of only 1.9 kilograms, and compact size, the machine is easy to carry. There is a caution during the move, which is to remove the cartridge from the machine and close the lid tightly. Do not tilt the machine and do not leave the cartridge in the car because the liquid evaporates easily when heated.

Q: If the Wellis Air falls, what should I do?
A: Please set the device up as soon as possible and use a cloth dampened with plain water to wipe the machine on the outside and inside of the cartridge compartment.

If there are stains, rub them off completely. In addition, the stand should be installed. This reduces the chance of the machine falling easily from a collision or impact.

Q: Is Wellis Air safe for young children, the elderly, and pets?
A: Wellis Air is safe for people of all genders, ages, and the environment.

Wellis Air has been used to kill germs in newborn baby rooms, ICU rooms, operating rooms, elderly care facilities, and rooms that require high cleanliness, etc. (click more to see reviews>)

Q: Can Wellis Air be used in the car?
A: Wellis Air can be applied for use in the car.

There must be an adapter for converting the head of the plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

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Q: If the cartridge is not used up within 3 months, do I have to replace it with a new one?
A: The cartridge should be replaced even though there is some left.

The reason for this is that the disinfection efficiency will decrease after 3 months (after opening the lid and plugging the stem in the cartridge). As the liquid evaporates faster in hot areas such as Thailand’s climate or rooms without air conditioners, the production makes sure they have spared an extra amount for 3-month use. 

In addition, the chip on the cartridge will start counting the usage time from the moment it is inserted into the machine and pressed power-on (not counting the usage time if the power is off). The machine will remind you to replace the cartridge after 3 months.

Unopened cartridges should be kept in the refrigerator to prevent evaporation of the oil and maintain its efficiency.

Q: How do I maintain Wellis Air?
A: Use a cloth dampened with plain water to wipe the outside of the machine if there is dust or dirt on it. 


Wipe the inside of the cartridge compartment once a month to remove stains from the cartridge that may be spilled from accidental bumps.

Replace the cartridge every 3 months even if there is some liquid left for the highest efficiency in eliminating pathogens.


If it needs to be turned off for more than 8 hours, remove the cartridge, close the lid, and put it in the refrigerator.

Q: If the stick is lost, can I use the used one?
A: Yes, the method of inserting the stick is to pierce it through the cartridge to the bottom.

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Q: If I use Wellis Air to disinfect the surface only, will it be possible?
A: Wellis Air can kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces, but it will take a longer time.

This is because the hydroxyl ions first float into the air and then settle on the surface. Therefore, if you want to disinfect your things in a short time, it is recommended to use a UVC sterilization box which is designed specifically to disinfect surfaces such as lunch bags, envelopes, A4 size documents, parcel boxes not larger than A4 paper, etc. (Click to buy UVC boxes>)

Q: There are no side effects if using Wellis Air for a long time, right?
A: Wellis Air does not cause any side effects.


Because after the decomposition of germ molecules and chemicals in the air and on the surfaces of objects, only water will evaporate back into the air and no other chemicals were found left after the disinfection process. In addition, hydroxyl ions are substances created by nature to disinfect the Earth’s atmosphere and found at the level higher than 20,000 meters and in the rainforests, including in the air at the global surface level (but in a small quantity insufficient to eliminate the current high amount of toxins and pathogens).

Wellis Air is certified for quality and safety by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Wellis Air is certified for quality and safety by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In addition, hundreds of healthcare facilities have used Wellis Air to kill germs, such as in ICU rooms, newborn rooms, and operating rooms where high cleanliness is required. (Click to see reviews>)


Category: Purchasing and After Sales Service

Q: How do I know if a Wellis Air is genuine? 
A: Wellis Thailand Official is the official and legal distributor of Wellis Air in Thailand.


We are also a legally registered entity under Thai law. Products purchased from us cover a 2-year warranty. You can use the receipt as a warranty card. It is recommended to take a picture of it in case the original receipt is lost. If any part of the equipment is damaged due to production faults,  we will replace the new device immediately. Insurance does not include accidental damage and all kinds of natural disasters.

Q: What are the terms of exchange and refund?
A: If the product purchased from Wellis Thailand Official is damaged by a factory defect, we will replace a new product for you. In case of Wellis Air, we can replace a new one at your home (on-site service) only in Bangkok and its vicinity.
Q: Is there cash on delivery?
A: Yes. However, the transfer method is not accepted at the moment.
Q: Can a quotation and tax invoice be issued?
A: Yes, and there is no additional cost.

We can issue documents to all organizations such as private companies, government agencies, agencies, departments, divisions, as well as to individuals.

Q: Why can’t you sell the cartridge if I buy a Wellis Air from another dealer?
A: The devices purchased from other dealers may not be genuine and out of standard. Therefore, a genuine hydroxyl cartridge from us and your device may not be compatible and cause serious damage or harm to users as the genuine Wellis Air and the cartridge are designed to work with each other.

Therefore, Wellis Thailand Official sells the cartridges only to those who have purchased Wellis Air from us to reduce risks to users. (Click to see the list of dealers>).


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