Clinics, restaurants, and gyms can increase hygienic quality with Wellis Air

Medical clinics, dental clinics, beauty clinics, as well as other businesses or establishments in areas that require high cleanliness, such as hair salons, restaurants, various sections of hospitals, hotels, and gyms, should prioritize the use of up-to-date cleaning technology on their premises. These places often serve as gathering spots and can facilitate the spread of germs. Using a Wellis Air machine is an excellent solution due to its comprehensive sterilization capabilities. It is not only safe for users but also a worthwhile investment that offers convenience in usage.


What kind of places is Wellis Air suitable for?

1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation

2. Shared spaces with crowds

3. Spaces with frequent in and out visitors

4. Places where there are patients, small children, elderly people,
or vulnerable groups

5. (especially) Beauty and health-related centers such as
hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, spas, hair salons, hotels, gyms, etc. where high hygienic quality is required.

Wellis Air can disinfect all areas effectively.

Wellis Air effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold in both the air and on object surfaces


1. This is achieved through the implementation of the hydroxyl charge firing principle, which utilizes the same ion naturally produced in the atmosphere to cleanse the air. By breaking down the molecules of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and chemicals in the air, Wellis Air covers the entire room and reaches various surfaces such as furniture, appliances, children’s toys, clothes, and even hard-to-reach areas like under tables or beds. The hydroxyl ions, being gaseous, have the ability to disperse and reach every nook and corner of the space. Additionally, Wellis Air is capable of killing numerous harmful strains, including SAR-COV 2 (the virus responsible for COVID-19), RSV (commonly causing respiratory infections in children), Rotavirus (which leads to diarrhea in young children), HFMD (Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease caused by Coxsackie viruses), and various strains of influenza.


2. Wellis Air is unique in that it leaves no residue after sterilization, making it safe for small children, the elderly, pets, and the environment. It achieves this by utilizing the same type of charge found in nature to eliminate pathogens in the atmosphere.

The picture shows a list of diseases that Wellis Air can eliminate, such as COVID-19, respiratory infections, various types of influenza, and even life-threatening diseases for young children, such as hand, foot, and mouth disease caused by the coxsackievirus, respiratory tract infections caused by RSV, and diarrhea caused by the Rotavirus.

Wellis Air is safe for all users

1.Wellis Air is unique in that it leaves no residue after sterilization, making it safe for small children, the elderly, pets, and the environment. It achieves this by utilizing the same type of charge found in nature to eliminate pathogens in the atmosphere.


2.One of the notable advantages of Wellis Air is its continuous germ-killing capability, which operates 24 hours a day, even when people gather in a shared space. Importantly, it does not pose any harm to individuals, pets, or the environment due to its natural charge-based mechanism.

Wellis Air is worth your investment

1.The cost of Wellis Air is only for the unit itself and the olefins oil cartridges used to produce hydroxyl ions (one cartridge per machine for a period of 3 months). 

    1. There is no need for any installation before using Wellis Air, such as drilling walls or reconfiguring the room. 

    2. You don’t have to worry about changing filters or difficult maintenance since you can easily change the olefins oil cartridge by yourself every 3 months. This eliminates the need to hire experts for maintenance.


2.Wellis Air has minimal electricity consumption, costing only 20 satang per day or 6 baht per month (which is cheaper than running a fan for 8 hours a day). (Please note that this is a rough estimate and may vary depending on other factors.)

3.”Prevention is better than cure.” It means that preventing illness is more important than treating it when it leads to high expenses such as medical bills and medication costs, as well as lost income from taking time off work for treatment and the value of lost time, among other things.

Wellis Air is easy to use and convenient

Wellis Air is so easy to use that even the elderly can use it. Just plug it in, insert the olefin oil cartridge, and press the activate button. If the device breaks down, the company will collect the damaged device at your location (in Bangkok and its vicinity) and provide a replacement machine to use during the repair.

Wellis Air has been certified for its quality and safety from various international organizations such as


These are the logos of various organizations such as RoHS, which certifies the safety of electronic devices CE, which certifies the quality of products that meet European standards for health, safety, and environmental protection FDA, which certifies the quality and safety of products that comply with the regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FCC, which certifies the frequency waves of electronic devices that meet the standards set by the United States.

The clients who are using Wellis Air at their businesses

The image shows a gym with the installation of Wellis Air machines to kill germs inside the premises where many people gather and exercise, ensuring the highest level of user safety.

The picture shows the Nirvana beauty clinic with the installation of Wellis Air machines in the area to reduce the amount of germs and pathogens within the clinic or those that may come from outside, ensuring the highest level of safety for the patients receiving treatments.

The picture shows the Kornchom café with the installation of Wellis Air machines inside the establishment, where there are a large number of customers coming in and out and sitting to dine. This is done to ensure the highest level of safety for the customers and maintain a clean and germ-free environment.

Therefore, you can be confident that the Wellis Air machine will help reduce the number of germs and the spread of germs in your business. Additionally, Wellis Official Thailand will provide you with a certificate of sterilization with Wellis Air that can be displayed within your business to enhance credibility even further. Order Wellis Air here>>

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