Wellis Air VS Air Purifiers
which one is better at disinfection?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease, people have placed great importance on finding practices that can help contain the spread of the infection. This not only involves protecting oneself from COVID-19 but also guarding against other contagious diseases, such as seasonal flu. Having measures to eliminate pathogens in the air and on various surfaces, such as tables, cabinets, beds, and walls, is crucial in preventing us from getting infected and becoming susceptible to illnesses.


Effective disinfection must comply with 2C 

Because pathogens are present everywhere, both in the air and on various surfaces such as furniture, household items, and children’s toys, it is necessary to eliminate pathogens in both the air and on surfaces in order to effectively control their spread.


The killing of pathogens requires the appropriate concentration of disinfectants (C-Concentrated for strong pathogen elimination). If a disinfectant is not concentrated enough, the pathogens may still be able to grow and spread. It’s similar to when we are unwell—if we don’t take the prescribed amount of medicine as instructed by the doctor, we may recover slowly or not recover well because the pathogens can continue to attack our bodies.


Furthermore, pathogen elimination must occur continuously, 24 hours a day (C-Continuous for ongoing pathogen elimination), as pathogens can enter the room area at any time. This is because people come in and out of the area, opening and closing windows and doors frequently. We also find that pathogens can adhere to surfaces due to contact with various objects, leading to the spread of pathogens from one point to another. Even if our room is closed, pathogens can still grow and spread.


Wellis Air can kill germs effectively and comprehensively

The image demonstrates a comparison of the features between the Wellis Air device and a regular air purifier, revealing that the Wellis device significantly surpasses the general air purifier in eliminating pathogens.

The Wellis Air device, which is designed to eliminate viruses, fungi, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, is highly effective and comprehensive because:


1. Wellis Air utilizes the principle of shooting hydroxyl radicals to disintegrate the molecular structure of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and chemicals in the air (covering the entire room) and on various surfaces such as furniture, kitchen utensils, children’s toys, clothing, and every nook and cranny, including areas that are not easily accessible during cleaning, such as under tables, under beds, and in hard-to-reach spaces. This is possible because hydroxyl radicals are gaseous and can float into every area. Furthermore, it is capable of eliminating pathogens of all types such as SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19, Pneumococcus that causes lung infections, E.Coli that causes Encephalitis, and Influenza that causes different types of flu.




The image shows a list of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that can be eliminated by Wellis Air, such as the virus that causes COVID-19, the influenza virus, Rotavirus (a major cause of severe diarrhea), and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

2. Wellis Air does not leave any residual substances after eliminating pathogens, making it safe for small children, the elderly, as well as pets and the environment. Additionally, there are no concerns about filter replacement or complicated maintenance, as only the Olefin oil cartridge needs to be changed every 3 months.

  • The concentration of hydroxyl radicals produced by Wellis Air is high, making it effective in killing pathogens.
  • In terms of natural charge properties and the quantity produced by the device, hydroxyl radicals rank second, beating ozone and hydrogen peroxide in terms of their disinfection capabilities.

The picture shows a table comparing various substances for pathogen eradication.

  • The quantity of hydroxyl radicals produced by the Wellis Air device is between 8-10 million/cc, which is significantly higher compared to the concentration found in the ambient air, ranging from 200,000-8,000,000/cc (consistent with C-Concentrated). (Read more about hydroxyl here>>)


4. Wellis Air is capable of eliminating pathogens 24/7, including when people are gathered together in a space (in line with C-Continuous). It does so without posing any harm to humans, pets, and the environment, as it emits the same type of charge as naturally produced to combat airborne pathogens.


In summary, when considering the effectiveness of pathogen elimination, Wellis Air surpasses air purifiers because it can eliminate pathogens in the air and on surfaces, while air purifiers only filter dust particles*.

If we take into account enhancing air cleanliness, we can use an air purifier and Wellis Air together. The air purifier will capture dust particles, while Wellis Air will eliminate pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Order Wellis Air here>>

*Traditional air purifiers without disinfection technology

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