Wellis Air, safe, convenient to use
outperforms other disinfection methods in the market

This video explains the disinfection principle and the features of  Wellis Air.

Wellis kills germs by discharging hydroxyl ions (OH-)

  • It uses the principle of discharging hydroxyl ions (OH-) to break down the walls of pathogens and toxic molecules. This outperforms other disinfection options in the market such as an ozone generator,  disinfectants  (such as hydrogen peroxide used in operating rooms), for example, because the ions are more concentrated to kill germs.
  • It can kill germs and toxins in the air and on the surface of objects such as furniture, sofas, tables, office equipment, clothing, etc.

The illustration shows the concentration rating of the disinfectants. Hydroxyl is the second-best disinfectant, followed by ozone (4th) and hydrogen peroxide (an example of disinfectant) (5th).

Wellis Air is safe for all living things

  • Safe for your loved ones of all genders, ages, pets, and kinds of environments because
    • Hydroxyl ions (OH-) are created naturally to get rid of toxins in the atmosphere. Wellis Air uses the same hydroxyl (OH-) ions that nature produces.
    • Wellis Air can operate to kill germs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while people are gathering.
    • Wellis Air does not leave any harmful residues for people and objects in the room. Compared to other disinfection options in the market such as UVC lamps, ozone generators, disinfectants (such as hydrogen peroxide), their residual chemicals can endanger people’s health and erode objects in the room.
The table compares the disinfection capacity, hazards and side effects between other commercial disinfection methods and Wellis Air. Wellis Air was found harmless to people and objects and able to disinfect germs in the air and the surfaces of various objects.

Wellis Air kills viruses, bacteria, etc.

  • Eliminate viruses and bacteria such as SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19, RSV which causes respiratory tract infections, viruses that cause hand, foot, and mouth disease in children, influenza, etc. Read more>
  • Removes toxic VOCs such as formaldehyde, tuolene, ammonia found in paints, furniture, cosmetics, skin creams, etc., which cause various respiratory diseases. Read more>
  • Eliminate toxic fumes from cigarettes, chemicals, burning, as well as odors such as from cooking, wet garbage, and pet waste. and musty rooms, etc. Watch how Wellis Air removes smoke>
    • The video shows that Wellis Air emits hydroxyl (OH-) ions to eliminate cigarette smoke as you can see that the surface of the plastic box does not contain any stains from cigarettes. (showing that hydroxyl ions from Wellis Air can remove toxins, fumes from both the “air” and the “material surfaces”).
  • Reduce allergy triggers such as air allergy, skin allergy, asthma, etc.

The image shows a list of viruses and bacteria that Wellis Air can kill, such as the COVID-19 virus, SARS, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), flu-causing viruses, including bacteria that cause infection in various systems, etc.

Wellis Air is small and compact

  • Compact size, slightly larger than A4 paper and weighs only 1.9 kg. It can be set up on a desk or can be attached to the wall. Easy to carry around to use in hotels or to install in the car, etc.
    • Not noisy, so it doesn’t disturb your sleep and concentration during work.
    • 1 Wellis Air can be used in an area of ​​more than 50-100 square meters, with poor ventilation, people who often go in and out of the place such as offices, hospitals, classrooms, restaurants, shops, etc.

Wellis Air is cost-effective

  • About 0.5 baht per hour (calculated from 24 hour operation, including electricity and an Olefin cartridge)

  • There is no cost to install the machine or any structural system before use.

  • There is no cost to hire staff to maintain the machine because it is easy to self-maintain by just replacing an olefin cartridge every 3 months.

  • There is no cost to hire employees to spray because the machine is self-disfecting throughout 24 hours a day, 365 days.

Wellis Air is convenient to use

  • There are only 3 steps to use: 1.Insert an Olefin cartridge 2. Plug in the machine 3. Press the activation button
  • It can be carried for use in other places such as hotel rooms, in the car, etc.

The video shows 3 steps to use Wellis Air:
1.Insert an Olefin cartridge 2. Plug in the machine 3. Press the activation button


  • Wellis Air includes an Olefin cartridge extracted from organic California citrus peels. It has been certified for quality and safety by various international organizations such as  US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate (RoHS), the Olefin Oil Certification (MSDS), etc. Click to see certificates >

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