Xiaoda Portable Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine


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🥩🍗 Xiaoda Portable Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine 🥦🍄🌱

✅ Removes residues, insecticides, and bacteria in fruits and vegetables.

With Electrolytic ION technology, the OH- and H+ particles in water dissociation,
where the OH- particles break the molecular bonds of the pesticide and another part bound to Chlorine in the water,
the machine gives out Hypochlorous acid, which helps eliminate pathogens.

✅ Vegetable, fruit, and meat cleaning technology
for good health and freshness to various ingredients.

✅ Safe from chemical contamination. Able to wash pesticides attached to vegetables,
and fruit up to 94.8%, and bacteria up to 99.99%.

✅ Easy to use; just press the power button. Then, soak vegetables, fruit, and meat in the machine.
The machine will work automatically.

✅ Safe for health. Do not use disinfectants or no harmful contaminants.

✅ Able to be used in a variety of ways. It also supports a large number of raw materials.

✅ Magnetic charging. The battery is durable and able to be used for a long time,
up to 35 times after being fully charged

✅ Use IPX7 technology that allows the device to be waterproof.

✅ Small and compact

✅ Lightweight, and easy to carry

Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 5.5 cm


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