VI Film, Silver Nano antimicrobial film-A4 size, 4 sheets, 29.7X21


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    – Can inhibit infection when touched

    – Can kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi

    – Inhibits viruses, bacteria, and fungi

    – Inhibits unpleasant odors

    – Can inhibit the growth of pathogens on the surface for 7-14 days

    – Non-flammable. Suitable for all surfaces. Harmless to humans and animals.

    – Alcohol-free. Does not dry out the skin or give irritation.

    – Long service life: 6-12 months or more than 3,000 times of touching.

    – Film as a sticker. Easy to install by yourself. durable and easy to peel off without leaving a glue residue.

    – A4 size, 4 sheets 29.7X21

    – Can be stored for up to 3 years.

    – Approved by international research. Widely used in the medical field.

    – Has been certified by Mahidol University for its inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
    (the virus that causes Covid-19) up to 99.9%.

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