10 LITER PHILIPS UVC disinfection box


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10 LITER PHILIPS UVC disinfection box
1-year warranty by Signify. Change a new one in case of a factory defect. (Call the center immediately 02-089-0066)

Features of UV-C disinfection box

✅ Able to kill SARS-CoV-2 virus up to 99.9%

which is the cause of COVID-19 in just 6 seconds

✅ Reduce the accumulation of viruses and bacteria on object surfaces

✅ Philips UV-C lamp: Up to 9,000 hours of use with 85% efficiency

✅ The driver design for UV-C lamps ensures you get the best performance
and good radiation maintenance throughout its lifespan.

✅ Stainless steel reflects light effectively and evenly,
which can reduce the accumulation of viruses and bacteria on the object surfaces more effectively

✅ Easy and convenient control buttons clear with digital display

✅ 4 working modes

– Disinfect and inhibit viruses and bacteria.

– Able to be used continuously for a long time

– Drying mode removes moisture from objects.

– Disinfection + drying mode

✅ Suitable to reduce the accumulation of viruses and bacteria on object surfaces such as spoons, forks,
plates, bowls, baby bottle heads, milk bottles, phones, keys, etc. with high-quality UV-C lamps from Philips
with world-class standards with experience of over 35 years of production.

✅ Safe; comes with automatic protection against UVC light when the cover is opened.

✅ Has received industrial product standards (TIS)

✅ Certified by the OCPB for its effectiveness in reducing the accumulation of viruses and bacteria.

✅ Safe because it is used in a closed system

and has an automatic cut-off system. The machine stops working immediately when the lid is opened.


⚠ Precautions ⚠

1. Do not use the drying mode on any appliances because this may cause damage.

2. Remove the trapped water from the object before loading it into the UV-C machine
when using the Drying Mode and the Sterilization Mode with Drying.

3. Always switch off and unplug the power when cleaning the device.

Use a dry cloth to wipe the device. Do not use volatile cleaning products such as alcohol or gasoline

4. The disinfection efficiency depends on the duration the object is exposed to UV-C light.

5. Objects should not be stacked for the maximum efficiency of thorough disinfection.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 37 cm


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