Authentic Wellis Air’s Olefin Cartridge (1 set of 4 cartridges)


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Solution for Wellis Air & Surface Disinfection

🌿 WELLIS uses an Olefin cartridge instead of the filter.
🌿It works by using liquid extracted from Citrus California oil to produce Hydroxyl to eliminate germs and toxins.
🌿 Olefin Liquid contains natural extracts, safe for users as the machine can protect us for 24 hours a day.
🌿 WELLIS creates highly concentrated hydroxyl up to 8,000,000-10,000,000/cc.
🌿 Water released from the reaction of Hydroxyl and pathogens is safe and non-toxic to humans and the environment.
🌿 People can gather in the room while the machine is working.
🌿 Hydroxyl is the second to Fluorine (outperforms Ozone, Chorine, and operating room disinfectants such as Hydrogen Peroxide).
🌿 No unpleasant smell or irritation.
🌿 1 cartridge can be used for 3 months, after opening, with the machine operating for 24/7.

**It is recommended to open 24 hours a day for maximized disinfection efficiency**
Please insert a given stick to the bottom of the cartridge before inserting it to the slot of the machine,
to allow the hydroxyl production process to start.

Please remove the cartridge, put a cap on it, and keep it in the fridge when the machine is not in use.
If needed to carry to other places, the cartridge should be removed from the machine and capped to prevent oil from spilling.


How to use the Wellis Air machine:

Easy to use

1. Insert the cartridge with the “chip” side facing into the machine
2. Plug in the machine
3. Power on
and wait for the light from the machine to turn blue.
Just like this, the air in your room will be safe from viruses, germs, and toxins.

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