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Wellis Air eliminates toxins and bad odors.

Wellis Air eliminates toxins and bad odors.

The dangers of air are not only from car exhaust fumes, soot from burning grass, chemical gases from various manufacturing plants but from some toxins floating in the air or sticking to the surfaces of objects and continuously vaporizing.

The fact that you do not smell anything in your room does not mean your room is clean and safe. However, it could mean that we have smelled these chemicals for such a long time that we get used to them, thinking that they are nothing.
Those vapors are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or industrial compounds and solvents, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and toluene, and are easily found in the chemicals as follow;
  • We can also find these toxins in

    • hair sprays
    • air fresheners
    • deodorants, such as roll-on sprays
    • nail polish
    • hair dying colors
    • cosmetics such as mascara, cleansers, lotion
    • leather seats and automotive interior objects
    • Furniture
    • wall coverings (wall veneers), floor coverings (tile grouts)
    • heat insulators
    • finished curtains
    • floor mats
    • various paper products

VOCs evaporate from these objects all the time. We take in the substances through breathing, touching at all times, consciously and unconsciously.

The first symptoms observed after inhaling excessive amounts of VOCs are dry throat, burning sensation, and rapid heartbeat. After long-term exposure, inflammation may be seen in the respiratory tract starting from tissues in the nasal cavity, trachea, and air sacs in the lungs. The most serious effect may be a nasopharyngeal cancer (nasop-haryngeal cancer), where The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies VOCs as Class 1 of cancer causes. In addition, some people may experience pneumonia, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, and even death.

(According to research “Formaldehyde / Formaldehyde, near danger” from the Department of Life Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University) Click to read more about the dangers of VOCs>


The Dangers of VOCs You Didn’t Expect

VOCs are something we all encounter every day and all the time because we continue to use items that contain VOCs such as skin lotion, cosmetics, sprays, furniture, and the walls that surround us all the time in the room, causing us to inhale these harmful substances that constantly evaporate even if the room is ventilated. Still, it can’t completely eliminate VOCs.

As a result, we need a VOCs eliminator that can operate at all times and when people are in the room; Wellis Air is the solution to this problem.

VOCs can be removed by Wellis Air

Wellis Air uses the principle of discharging hydroxyl ions to the molecules of VOC vapors. The chemical rearrangement of substance molecules takes place, diverting the original molecule complex.

The video illustrates how airborne pathogens and toxins are removed from the atmosphere by a hydroxyl ion (OH-).

Certified for effective VOC removal by

  • Korean Conformity Laboratory (KCL) in Korea, which is an institute that tests and certifies innovations in various fields,  confirmed that Wellis Air was able to remove 99.5% of toluene, and 80% of ammonia, and 65 % of formaldehyde within 4 hours.

The image shows the test results of Wellis Air that was able to remove 80% of VOCs (ammonia, tulene) and formaldehyde by more than 99.5% and 65%, respectively, after 4 hours of on-boarding. Two hours later, the device has eliminated approximately 50% of VOCs.

Wellis Air is safe for all living creatures

  • Compared to commercial options such as UVC lamps, ozone generators, disinfectants (eg. hydrogen peroxide), air purifiers, and Wellis Air, which uses hydroxyl ions, Wellis Air is found to be safer for users because

    • hydroxyl ions from Wellis Air is the same as nature produces to kill germs in the atmosphere and the rainforest.
    • Wellis Air does not cause residues after disinfection compared with UVC lamps and ozone generators that emit ozone, including disinfectants that will leave harmful vapors to the respiratory system.
    • Wellis Air does not contain germs if compared to an air filter that sucks air and keeps germs at the air filter as if it were “Infectious Waste” staying in the room and increasing the danger of transmission when changing filters.
    • Wellis Air automatically removes VOCs and odors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can be used when people gather, compared with UVC lamps, ozone generators, and disinfectants that cannot be used during the time of people’s gathering.

The issue of chemicals, VOCs in the air, as well as unpleasant odors in the house is something that should not be overlooked. because it can damage the respiratory system in the long run. As a result, having Wellis Air will allow users ranging from small children, adults, the elderly, to pets to have clean, fresh air in the house.

Additionally, Wellis Air can kill airborne viruses, bacteria and mold lying on object surfaces such as furniture, objects, dark corners, clothing, etc. Click to read more>

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